Good Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is one of the most widespread and devastating diseases that claims many lives and wrecks, even more, homes in its wake. What was one viewed as a mere lack of self-control, is now recognized as one of the most severe of maladies, which affects millions of lives around the modern world. And yet, most people continue to shrug off spurts of uncontrollable drinking as “Just a passing phase,” or worse, “Alcoholism is something that happens to others, not me.” It is this notion that many organizations and even governments are struggling to change, as it is this very mindset that precedes the downwards spiral into the murky depths of alcoholism.

Symptoms of alcohol abuse

grhtyujyhrtrrOne of the most dangerous of all the symptoms of alcoholism is the victim’s inability to recognize that there is something amiss with his patterns of drinking. If you find yourself reaching for that fifth drink at the end of the day, or if your consumption of alcohol exceeds 14 drinks a week, then it’s time you sat up and took notice. Also, if you often find solace in drowning your sorrows in a bottle of scotch, or drink more than you should simply because you are used to it, you may want to talk to your doctor about your drinking habit. As the victim, you may not be entirely objective in your assessment of whether your habit is veering towards addiction. And this is why you may concoct innumerable reasons to defend your consumption patterns or simply think that those around you are exaggerated in their judgment of how much you are drinking.

If you find that your friends and family are indeed talking about your drinking a lot more than they used to, and find that what they are saying is not entirely exaggerated, it’s time you decided to do something about your habit. Don’t disregard your doubt as just a figment of your overactive imagination but make that call to your physician today. You have to remember that, social obligations aside, it is you who your addiction is most destructive towards. From physical afflictions like liver cirrhosis, gastrointestinal maladies, and even cardiovascular symptoms, alcohol ravages almost every part of your body. Also, blocking out your worries with alcohol may not be such a good idea at all. The momentary high which alcohol brings is followed by bouts of severe depression as alcohol itself functions as a depressant. You are trapped in a routine where you have to drink to drive away the lows alcohol tortures you with.

Although the difficulties and obstacles, which crop up when you take that first step towards de-addiction, seem overwhelming at first, don’t let them weaken your resolve. As they say, perseverance pays, and yours will too keep moving towards your goal relentlessly, and you will discover the many beautiful facets of life which your addiction blocks out.