Five Eczema Home Remedies That Work

Almost 30% of the US population and 37% of the global population suffers from Eczema, a nauseating skin disease that affects both genders. Eczema affects the epidermal level of the skin, which causes irritation, scratching and oozing of lichenification. It is a serious issue as it can cause loss of pigmentation and facial scar though there are several eczema remedies which will eradicate it completely. The following are five home remedies for eczema.

Home eczema remedies

  1. Diet plan

efregtrhyOne of the first home remedies for eczema is investing in a proper diet plan. You are open to a 30-day diet plan which will entails proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. It has been proven that probiotics and probiotic-rich foods work greatly against this disease. Your diet plan might vary according to your weight factor, as people suffering from obesity should abolish fat from the diet completely though some healthy fats will always be included. Cod liver oil provides you with essential vitamins which heal the scarred areas and help maintain a healthy diet plan.

  1. Magnesium bath and change of wardrobe

To fight eczema, you may also need to change your clothing and bathing habits. Your old clothes should be washed and cleaned, and your wardrobe should not contain anything that triggers this disease. Magnesium bath is the most effective way to cleanse the germs and pleasing too. A cup or two of magnesium flakes, a cup of Sea Salt, a pinch of vanilla extract combined with 12-15 drops of essential oil are all you need to mix and take a bath. This is both cost-effective and works efficiently.

  1. Use of coconut oil

The use of Coconut Oil has proven to be helpful and reduces the itching and scratching as it soothes the affected area. This also lightens and ultimately eradicates the scars. You need to apply a few drops of coconut oil on the affected areas and make sure that you don’t wipe it off.defregtry

  1. Use of vegetable shortening

It acts as an ointment that can be applied on dry and cracked areas which will keep the skin from drying and nourish the skin quality. Should be applied and kept for 2-3 hours and let the moisture soak in.

  1. Stress factor and temperature of the surrounding

Stress factor acts as a catalyst and will make your case worse if you take too much of stress. The temperature also plays a big part as people living in dry areas get affected by it. The room temperature should be moderate with a little bit of moisture in the air, which keeps the skin away from drying. A Drastic change of temperature should be avoided as it triggers the growth of the disease.