Dieting habits to avoid

It has been said before, but it will not hurt to hear it again, ‘you are what you eat’. Everything that goes into your body through your mouth will eventually become visible for all to see. It is easy to tell when one is keen on having a healthy diet and when it is being neglected. All the more reason for you to take your diet very seriously. It is never a guarantee that you will wake up feeling energetic every morning. The healthy diet you have been assuming comes in handy at a time like this. It is a power bank of some sort which will power you up to go on with your daily activities. For this to be realized, we shall have a look at the things that you should change in your eating habit.

The time frames of your meals

2Never ever delay your meals. You are always better off when you have your meals in time. Do not wait till the hunger pangs kick in so you will start preparing yourself a meal.
Monitor your mealtimes very closely. Make sure that you are not stuffing yourself up. Instead, you should give yourself ample time for digestion to take place. Nutritionists advise that three hours from your main meal is okay for you to have a healthy snack. After all, your tummy will be ready to accommodate what is coming.

Taking water along with your meals

We see this practice everywhere and think that it is okay. In fact, this is a very wrong habit and should be dropped like a hot piece of coal. When water comes in contact with the food you eat, there is not ample time for proper chewing and mastication. Besides, water will only wash away the tantalizing taste of the food.
Instead, what you should do is finish your meals first then follow it up with a glass of water. This way, your body will have an equal chance of absorbing all the nutrients available inside the food. Taking water along with your food will only rob the body of the nutrients it is rightfully entitled to.

Skipping meals

Whether you had a befitting breakfast or a late one, never compromise on your meals. Ensure that you eat all three of them and snack healthy in between. You should have no excuse for not having one of your meals.
Experts shed some light on the dangers of skipping meals. It’s time we lent them a listening ear and followed their instructions very carefully. Not to mention the very fact that our well being depends on it.
If you feel that your stomach is full for some reason, go for a checkup. You should not starve yourself thinking that it is normal. The sooner you seek proper medical checkup the better it will be for you.


Choosing only what suits your fancy

Not every type of vegetable or protein will suit our fancy. This is not the time to only pick what you love. Go for what your body needs and prepare it in the best possible way. Failure to which could only lead to malnutrition to a certain level.